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Friday, November 13, 2009

Retail Resume

If you are looking for the job in the retailing field, here something interesting for you. If you are interested in this field then the first question is have you prepared the resume? No, then what are you waiting for? Here is some useful information of how to make the resume.

Retail Resume

Now exactly the what resume is? What is the need to make it? The resume is the entire snap shot about you personality. If today are going to be part of any company or institution the recruiter must know exactly what sort person you are. He must know your qualities and capabilities. This is the need of the resume and also its importance.

Here are some of the useful tips to make the resume:

  • First go through the article in which you has read about vacancy.
  • Then, look for the post for which vacancy is given. See whether your qualification and the skills matches with that existing post. If yes, then go for making the resume.
  • Then, look for the details of that post, what qualities will recruiter will look for. Then accordingly make the resume.
  • First frame the content of the resume. Decide the format of the resume.
  • Then, now start writing the resume.
  • The resume must start with your personal details at the top. It must include your good name postal address, contact no and the email id.
  • Then, beneath this, mention your job objective. The job objective you write must impress the recruiter. It must match with the qualification and the experience gained by you.
  • After this, write your experience details in the reverse chronological order starting with the existing one. Write the name of the company, your post there, your work there, your responsibilities, duration of work, your payment there.
  • Now, write the educational details in reverse chronological order staring from the high school to graduation or post graduation.
  • The educational details must have all information about you academic life, that is the mane of the institution and the academic grades earned by you.
  • Now, write you achievement achieved previously. If you have received some standard certifications or the rewards mention the same. That will add the weight to the resume.
  • Now, go for writing the accurate reference if any and if required.
  • Besides this, write the resume in readable format. It must be free from all sort of mistakes.
  • The irrelevant information must be avoided. The recruiter may misinterpret it.
Provided in this post is the information on retail resume and resume samples.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Programmer Resume

Due to the revolution in the field of the technology and science, the scope for the software programmers is increasing. The demand for the software in the foreign market is more. Moreover, the foreigners have invested money in the software companies. Therefore the software programmers is the demand of the day. But accordingly there are many software programmers available in the market with good skills. There is lot competition between the programmers in the market.
Therefore to sustain in the market, the programmers must get acquainted rapidly with the developments or the changes in the software field. They must have all the innovative programming skills. This is the main need of the recruiter. The coding of the same program statement can be done using many logics but what is important which coding is efficient. The recruiter always need the programmer who will code efficiently for him. These requires good programming skills.

Therefore, your resume must speak out to the recruiter that you are always a better option for him because you have good programming. This confidence must come out of the programmer resume, you can visit here for more resume samples.

As mentioned earlier, the ideal programmer must have the knowledge of all the software developments and changes. This is necessary because one must have the knowledge of the latest things in order to sustain in the market because there is always other person ready to take your place. So one must make his position secure. One must include the all details of the programming languages he has. He must include all the details of the software knowledge he has. Other than this if he has the knowledge, it always bonus to include it. That will add the weight to your resume and make your resume outstanding.
Computer Programmer
Computer Programmer
While writing about the experience must always show the work done in the project. Elaborate it in short. Mention your contribution in it. Also, write if possible did your team work or the project served the purpose. Did it help the company to achieve some of its goals?

By, including all these minute but important details, one can make his resume readable and outstanding. In this way, the content can be formatted or written.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Professional Resume

Professional Resume
Professional Employee
The main thing today in field of the job is that you have to be active. You must have the talent required, then let it be nay post. You must have all the professional qualities. The professional resume is all about it. It is not restricted to nay type of the professional field. It is applicable for all the fields. It is the main quality the recruiter ill search. He will need the person who has good knowledge and good personality. Being professional is the part of the personality. When you are in the professional life, the way you put the things in the front of others matters. How you manage the work given to you. How do you manage the varying conditions? How you take the sound decisions when required.

How do you present yourself in front of others is important. How comfortable you can hand over and take over the decisions responsibilities is important. All these are the part of the personality.

The recruiter needs these qualities. All these qualities you have to convey to the recruiter through the resume. Now this does not mean that you have to mention them point wise in the resume. The experience you write must speak out these to the customer. He must feel like you have an impressing personality. Because, the person with good personality will make him earn more profit rather than the person with good marks. If there are 2 different persons in front of the recruiter and he has the choice to appoint any one of them. If one of them has good academic records but does not have good personality. But the other one is the average scorer but with good personality. He can easily implement his ideas.
Professional Resume

The recruiter will surely appoint the person who has the good personality. Because, if the person with good personality can be given some sort of training to increase his knowledge level but the person with good score what sort of personality he must be given. Personality depends on your nature. This is the importance of having good personality.

Professional resume is all about conveying all your qualities to recruiter through the content you write in the resume.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Food Service Resume

There are many services made for the benefit of the people. These include the fire rescue service, medical service, food service, police service, etc. Therefore food service is one of them.

Food Service
Food Service
One of the basic need of the human being is food. As now a days there is awareness among the people about the health and hygiene, food service or the hotel management is getting the wide scope. People are readily to work in such fields. Moreover, people like to include the continental food like French, Italian and Southwestern in their diet. Therefore, there is large need of such hotel management.

Many training institutes impart training regarding the hotel management course. Now the main question is what exactly the hotel management all about is.

The food service job or the hotel management comes in the category of hospitality sector. It includes the things like planning of the menu, recipe making, kitchen handling, catering and the supervision of the entire staff.

Therefore, the person willing for the job in such field must make the resume in such away that the recruiter will conclude that you are the always a better option to work with. What things will recruiter consider before taking you in his company or before joining him?

The recruiter needs a person who is the innovative one in his work. For e.g. No matter you are the good chef, but you must have all the tastes in your food. People must not get bored with your taste after some time. It means that you must always keep on trying many things. This is the innovativeness required by the recruiter. Other than this, he needs a person who is faithful enough and sincere in his work.
Food Service Career
Food Service Career
Hence the resume must be prepared in such away that recruiter will find all the qualities in you that he needs. The resume must be prepared neatly and carefully because it is the one mean that will pave you a path in the door of the recruiter. The resume must be free from all the irrelevant content. It must not have the grammatical and the spelling mistakes. It must have the proper cover letter.

visit for more information on food service resume writing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computers Resume

Due to the rapid growth in the technology, there are more job opportunities for the job seekers in the computer fields. That field can be hardware or software. Every software company requires highly skilled professionals from the hardware and software field. So the main question is how to apply , where to apply and what to apply for? So first decide your areas of interest and expertise. Then accordingly search for the corresponding job. That can be done using the internet or the newspaper. Then just searching is not enough. You also have to apply for the same.
Computer Professional
Computer Professional
So make the resume. First decide the type of the resume to make that is functional, recombination or chronological. Then decide the content you want to include. Remember writing the resume id not an essay to keep on writing. Write what is required. Mention only the reliant information. Don’t overwrite the things. That may create a bad impression about you. The main sections in the resume are:
  • Contact information
  • Job objective
  • Experience
  • Educational details
  • Achievements
  • References
While writing the experience, write your main areas of expertise. That may include the knowledge of the different computer languages and also the hardware knowledge. If you have the software knowledge line JAVA, Oracle, VB, etc then just mention those. One can also include the project done on the same. It creates a good impression about you in front of the recruiter.

Computer Resume
Computer Resume
A person in the field of the computer is judged by his skills. The academic grades just add weight to the resume. So the recruiter while hiring think more about you before. So it is necessary to convince the recruiter. That work must be done by the resume made by you. It must replicate your skills, personality, knowledge and your technical approach to various things. This is the main part of the resume. The other details can be written accurately by anybody. The achievements is complementary to the experience field. It shows the outcome of you. It shows your abilities.

So while making the computer resume just concentrate on the content written in this section. Visit at that will be surely helpful for you.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Services Resume

The most vital step in getting a desirable job is a resume. Services is the broad field with various jobs and careers. Different types of services jobs are available in this field such as Fast Food Worker Resume, Cosmetologist Resume, Sanitation Inspector Resume, Customer Service Representative Resume, Hotel Concierge Resume, etc.

Service Resume
Service Resume
If you would like to be a part of services field or you want to work in this field you need a resume. The service resume includes the intelligent and careful illustration of your skills.

In most of the services field you have to directly deal with customers, handle their complaints, and resolve their problems and queries. So you should possess great convincing and marketing skills for lead the way in this field and your resume should exactly express that.

Keep your resume focused and straightforward with proper resume objective, employment history, educational details, skills, abilities and interests.

Service Career Guidance
Service Career Guidance
If you have done any other certification or training relevant to the job you are applying for then don’t forget to mention it in your resume. After completing your resume print it on a bond paper and submit it to various job banks or job sites.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Engineering Resume

For any engineering resume, the basic structure of the resume remains the same. The changes occur only when the job profile changes. So some aspects of the resume changes. Though the parameters change, the basic way to make the resume remains the same. While preparing the resume first select the proper resume format whether it must be chronological, functional or the combination of both. Mostly the functional or the combinational format is used.
Engineering World
Engineering World
Then now decide the content to write. While writing keep in mind the following points:
  • The content of the resume must be specific. You are selling your skills and talent to the company and not yourself. So while writing, be specific. Exclude all the irrelevant information.
  • The job objective you write must have the proper link with the applied job post. It must also match your qualification details.
  • Remember the company is much more interested in you talent and skills and your professional outcome. So elaborate all your qualities. It must be reflected from your content.
  • Make small fragments of sentences, or use paragraphs, headings, sub headings. Etc wherever required.
  • Use technical action words. It leaves an impression on the reader.
  • The resume must be east to read. The reader must go through it with 45 seconds. The content must not be confusing. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the order between the content you write.
  • Exclude all the grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistakes.
  • Use proper font and paper while making the resume.
Engineering Resume
These are the basic requirements while making the engineering resume. The other parameters may vary depending on the job field.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Student Resume

It is really a challenge for the school students to make the resume. Firstly they have hardly experience about the practical professional world and slowly they have to get acquainted with it. The school students mostly do the part time job. The reasons can be anything for it. But when they search the job initially they have many questions in mind. What type of job to search, how to apply, and what to do next. As a student all these are not taught in school, as it is not the part of school curriculum. Students have to learn them on their own.

From where should they learn? Today the best information treasure house is the web or what we call is Internet. There much more information is available according to our requirement. Instead asking somebody, you can just surf on net and get the information. On the net, Information of the job vacancies is given. You can also get the tips to make the resume or sample resume. You must go through the newspaper for advertisements.

Student Resume
Student Resume
So, when finally decided to apply, just summarize all your skills and capabilities and then conclude the type of job you can do. Then, just prepare the resume on that line.

While making the resume, write all your basic information on the top. Write your job objective beneath it. It must catchy enough. It must match your skills that you had summarized before and also your education.

Write your educational details in reverse chronological order. Mention the GPA you have earned.

If you had the previous experience just write it. Mention the type of work and the name of the company. List out all your activities done there. If you are a fresher then not to worry. Just write all the activities done by you in school. Highlight all your skills by writing such activities. The reader must conclude that you are very active, talented and confident person.

Student Career Guidance
Student Career Guidance
In school, you might have participated in many academic, curricular and co-curricular activities. Mention them. It is always better to mention all the things that enlighten your skills. List all the awards and the certificates you have received.

If you have taken part in any competitive exams or scholarship exams just write that too. Also mention your performance there.

Remember, initially you don't have any conversation with the recruiter. You have to speak through resume with the recruiter. So make your student resume accurately. For samples of student resume visit

Friday, September 11, 2009

Manager Resume

Managerial job is an interesting work. We have to just play with all resources to utilize them efficiently. It depends of person's strategy. It may vary also. A person doing the managerial job must be perfect and must be capable taking the sound decisions for internal and external management.

Since there are many people diverting to this job, job seekers have to face a lot of competition. Mostly all the recruiters don't have the ample of time to go through the resume. So our resume must be outstanding in order to attract the attention of the recruiter.

Manager Resume
Manager Resume
Since resume is the way to get into the employment field, it must be prepared carefully. A good and ideal management resume must highlight all the managerial activities and skills of the job seeker. If the resume is prepared in this way, There are for sure chances that you may get the call for interview from the company.

Managerial people are mostly highly skilled and talented one. They have many responsibilities to perform like to develop, implement and maintain the various strategic plans for the welfare of the company. They have to supervise and manage entire administration of the company. They are the one who can carry out communication to the external world. They are the responsible to take decisions whenever required. They must have the ability ton work in team, what we say is TEAM SPIRIT.

Now, these are the qualities mentioned above that must be highlighted from the resume. The reader must conclude that you are a very confident person capable of handling all these responsibilities.

Manager Career Guidance
Manager Career Guidance
These qualities can be reflected from the achievements and the experience part you write. That is why, we say making resume is a art. It must make the reader think in the direction you require.

All other things like:
  • Contact information
  • Job objective
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Achievements
  • References
All these are the mandatory things in any resume. But in the manager resume along with this content you need to write the content that can conclude that you are highly skilled and professional person to carry out the managerial activities.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Technical Resume

Today there are many technical people in the market. Every year many engineers complete their education and come in the market. So there is lot of competition this field. Resume is nothing bit a snap shot of your personality. It reflects the inbuilt qualities in you. It is just the mirror image of what you are. Hence, the resume must be proper.

A technical job seeker must be multi functional. He must possess all the technical skills and the professional skills along with it. Only the good academic grades for the technical person will not help him. He must have the other skills also. No recruiter understands what kind of technical person you are and what knowledge you have. Your resume first meets the recruiter and if your resume is good enough then and then only you get a chance to meet the recruiter. So, all the ideal qualities required by the technical person must be reflected from your resume. You must make the recruiter think about you. You can refer website for effective resume writing tips and technical resume samples on various job opportunities.

Technical Resume
Technical Resume
Before writing the technical resume, two questions come in mind. What to write and how to write? So, the answer to the first question is that before preparing the resume, decide the type of the resume. It can be functional or chronological. In the chronological resume, all the things like the experience and the qualifications etc is written in a chronological order. The functional resume is written by the job seeker mostly when he changes his career line or field. It stresses more on the functional area of expertise.
The basic order or the content that must be included in the technical resume is as follows:
  • Contact information.
  • Job objective.
  • Experience.
  • Qualification.
  • Achievements.
  • Personal information.
  • References.

Technical Career Jobs
Technical Career Jobs
Though this is common order that many technical people follow to write, but the content always matter. Many people write with different approach and skills. That makes the resume differ and outstanding. Most of the technical people write the resume in such a way that it convinces the recruiter to call him up. The ideal technical resume must not contain the irrelevant information. It must be specific enough and must be precise. The accuracy of the content also matters. There must be no grammatical or spelling errors. The presentation of the entire technical resume must be good. It must be elegant and sophisticated or unique.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Education Resume

Like any other resume, an education resumes should be well organized and polished effectively. Few steps you have to follow in the areas where education resumes differ from other resumes.

Education Resume
Education Resume
Your education resume can be more than a page but it should not exceed two pages. Write your resume that will fit into even two or a page and half. The page will look disordered if your resume fills out a third or two-third of the second page.
Addition to the usual categories such as honors or awards, educational background, and work experience include certificates and teaching licenses in your resume. As well as highlight professional activities and associations for example research and publications and special interests like reading education, coaching, or multicultural education.

Illustrate your certifications and include the state that offered you the license.

Education Career Jobs
Education Career Jobs
List all your experiences and divide them in to parts. Write your relevant teaching experiences in reverse chronological order. Then add your non teaching experiences under the section additional experience. Express how other jobs enhanced your teaching abilities.

Bring into light the facets of your experience that qualify you for your dream job. Get more information on education resume click here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Executive Resume

The executive resume is slightly different from that of other type of resume. Though the information written in it is the same, but the approach is always different.

At high level, there is lot of competition between the job seekers for this type of job. Therefore your personality and you as a person must stand out differently from the crowd. This initially is reflected from the resume. Because the resume is a tool that brings recruiter next to you.

Executive Resume
Executive Resume
The executive people must have all the soft skills, communication skills, leadership qualities, ability to coordinate and team spirit. All these qualities must be reflected from your resume.
Here in this type of resume, you write all the things or content like the average type of resume. But the way in which it is presented is different. You have to give stress on your skills and talent because these are the only things that the company requires from you.

Always mention your professional experience, and the achievements. It enables the recruiter to think that how you can bore fruit to the company. While writing these things, use fragments of sentences or action words. It makes an impression on the reader.

Executive Career Jobs
Executive Career Jobs
Always remember that the content must be specific only. It must more be related to your skills rather than your past. This is what the recruiter requires. The past history of work or education is only the base for you.

At last, about the format. The format must be precise. Have a track of all the things you write. Accordingly write the headings and sub headings for it. Make paragraphs. Page setup must be proper. Font size and style must be appropriate. Find more information on executive resume and resume samples at

Friday, September 4, 2009

Arts Resume

Art resume is the simpler to make. An artist has just have to play with words as he plays with colors.

Art Resume
Art Resume
The steps to make an art resume is as follows:
  • At the top of the resume include the contact information. It will contain the name, address, contact no and email-id.
  • Then write the educational background right from the school to college along with the academic grades scored.
  • Write in brief about any of the art school you had joined before and the work done there.
  • Then, you can write experience in the previous job field. Include the area of expertise.
  • List down the name of the collection you have. Write the location where they are available.
  • An artist is always rewarded for the good work. So, write the major achievements or the awards you have received.
  • Elaborate your role in the participation in art exhibitions.
Other than this, the art resume must be free from all the mistakes like the spelling, grammar and punctuation. The stress must be given on your artistic skills. That is why the content must be meaningful. Make good use of artistic keywords. It leaves an impression on the reader.

Art Career Jobs
Art Career Jobs
The language of the resume must be easy to read. It must be simpler in the structure too. An artist can be part of the social, national or any other activities. Mention such activities. Elaborate the your artistic work done there. Find out more samples of art resume on 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Social Services Resume

Prior to start writing your social services resume, think whether you want to do it your own. There are many resume services and professional resume writers available among them one you may want to hire to help you. Time to time their expertise may make difference in getting and not getting the chance for the first interview.

Social Service Resume
Social Worker Resume
But if you decide to write your own resume, the great idea is to start with several resume examples having similar resume formats. That will definitely give an idea about how a resume template is utilized successfully to land social service jobs.
The next step in writing social services resume is to look at service related publications and web sites to choose best keywords that you need to highlight in your resume. This will very helpful when your resume is scanned using scanning software by the employer.

Social Service Jobs
Social Service Jobs
A lot of patience, strong personal characteristics, dedication, empathy, professionalism and commitment are required in the social services job. It is very essential to demonstrate all of these qualities in your social services resume and a conventional aptitude to put up with a confidential and ethical protocol while managing your cases.
Need more information, find it at

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Medical Resume

Writing a medical resume is simple. The basic structure of the resume remains the same for all types of the professionals in the medical field. Only the attributes of the expertise and experience changes according to type of the medical field. The area of medical fields includes the therapists, medical or health care practitioners, dietitians, radiographers and laboratory scientists. The resume for all these people will be same expect some of the attributes.

Medical Resume
Medical Resume
The format of the medical resume is as follows:
  • It must have the proper job objective followed by the personal information like name, contact no, address, email-address, etc
  • The next section of the information is the EXPERIENCE. So, here you can write your past experience. Mention when, where and which medical practices were done by you. If you are a fresher, then write any of the medical courses regarding the health care were completed by you during education.
  • The experience must be followed with the QUALIFICATION. The educational details must be written with the academic grades achieved, name of the institution and the location. It must conclude that you are well qualified practitioner.
  • One can include the section of the ACHIEVEMENTS during practice. It shows how productive and multi functional you are.
  • There are many medical camps conducted every year. One can show his participation in such medical camp if really done. One can also include the contribution to the social medical activities in the rural areas.
  • After that, you can write the accurate REFERENCES if any. Writing references is handy. It depends upon us whether to write or omit it.
Medical Career Jobs
Medical Job Career
Also check out samples of nurse resume on

Monday, August 31, 2009

Special Situations Resume

The section of special situations examines areas of resume writing that are so difficult. The aim is to offer you suggestions, ideas and advice on how to handle these special issues.

Many employers give preference to the candidate who has work experience in a company similar to theirs or whose expertise and experience are in the same industry. It is not impossible to enter a new career of new industry; it just needs planning, researching and determination.

Special Situation Resume
Special Situations
The first thing you have to do is to identify the skills that can be moved to the new industry, company, or field. Then you have to find out an employer in the new industry who is looking for someone of your skills, accomplishments and qualifications. If the interviews are going in your area where he is looking for the specific skills that you have then the employer will be less hesitant to call you for the interview, though you don’t have previous experience working in similar company.

After identifying the specific employer research the company and learn what type of employees they hire, company financial pictures, work environment characteristics, and general culture/company information. To the certain amount if this information is similar to your work experiences, it can be blended into your accomplishment and employment history statements.

To write special situations resume choose reverse chronological format provided at This format is useful when you are applying for job that requires different skills than what you have.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Human Resources Reusme

Human resource is an integral part of the company. Writing the Human resource is easy. The person in this field has to perform many tasks.

Human Resource Resume
Human Resource Resume
They must maintain the good relations with the customers and employees. For this, good communication is needed. He must have the leadership qualities. He must initiate the strategic policies beneficial for the industry. He must look after the implementation, operation and the maintenance of those policies.
They have to impart training to the employees. They have to look after the problems of the employees. They act as counselors. They have to make certain decisions for the company. For this, they must be active enough. They have to consider the external conditions and then make the decisions.

They have to screen the resumes and recruit the personnel’s. They prepare the compensation policies and the benefit programs.

Human Resource Jobs
Human Resource Jobs
All these are the tasks performed by the HR department. In order to apply for the post in this department, the job seeker must enlist the following points in the HR resume also we provide some samples here:
  • Skills to initiate the policies, implement, supervise and maintain them.
  • Talent to handle the critical conditions.
  • To maintain good communication with the external and the internal people.
  • To lead the team to achieve specific objective.
  • Clever enough to look after the market conditions and analyze them.
  • Ability to lay out the strategic policies beneficial fir the industry.
  • Ability to effectively participate in various projects.
  • Good decision making ability.
  • Effective screening and recruitment.
  • Ability to impart training.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Business Resume

Business resume is altogether different than that of the normal resume. Business resumes are nothing but it is the profile of the company. It is present in the market. The businessman prepares it very efficiently. Basically, the job listing contains the profile of the company. This profile is the business resume.

Business Resume
Business Resume
There are three types of resumes. They are:
  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combinational Resume
Most of the resumes fall in the category of chronological resume because it highlights career, education, skills and knowledge.

Business career
Business Career
Irrespective of the type of resume, here are the some points how a normal resume can be prepared. They are:
  • The resume must be in standard format. The page layout and the setup must be enough accurate.
  • The resume must not have the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  • Use of the headings, keywords and paragraphs must be made.
  • The resume must be on the same paper on which there is the cover letter.
  • There must be sufficient space left so that the recruiters can write the remarks.
  • Writing the irrelevant information must be avoided.
  • Brief summary of the job objective and the career goals must be written.
  • Information written must be accurate enough.
  • Use of action verbs enhances the quality if the resume.
  • More stress must be given on the skills and the area of expertise.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Administration Resume

An administration resume should express information clearly, quickly and in a manner that shows your experience related to the opening position in the advertisement. i.e. arrange your data to its most powerful form. Explained below are some helpful tips to design an administration resume.

Administration Resume
Administration Resume
While writing an administrative resume consider following areas:
  • Areas of expertise
  • Skills
  • Accomplishments
  • Certifications
As you are developing your administration resume you need to have a clear job target so write a concise headline that summarizes your career objective and 2-3 qualifications. Then make summary of your key qualifications and strength under the section called Professional Profile. Also include your licenses and certifications. Mention listing of your duties and after that list accomplishment in bulleted list. Show proven results of your working details.

Administration Jobs
Administration Jobs
Keep in mind following points:
  • Tailor your resume according to the particular position’s requirement.
  • Keep your resume concise, short and clear.
  • Show your strengths in your resume through academic background, job experiences, or community/volunteer activities.
  • Avoid unrelated information.
  • Prepare your resume in such way that it can be easily readable. Properly leave spaces between two sections. Organize the details using proper headings.
  • Create connection of your skills to your job history.
  • Write matter in bulleted format or short focused statements instead of long paragraphs.
  • Use related keywords to your job profile.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sales Resume

An employer looks for certain things in a sales resume. Also each and every bullet point in your sales resume should indicate that how you are going to earn more and more money to the employer than the other candidates applying for the same job. Try to convey following points to the employer where suitable for your experience and interests:
Sales Resume
  • Humble - willing to grow

  • Passion - for learning & sales

  • Tenacity - Your spirit to overcome "no" again and again

  • Loyalty - ensure that you don't quit easily

  • Current rolodex or information advantage that would help you sell

  • Industry/Product Knowledge
You can view an example of the resume at

While preparing sales resume include some keywords or buzzwords related to sales. Example of such keywords is as below:

Sales professional, sales representative, regional sales manager, district sales manager, account executive, VP of sales, sales executive, account manager, director of sales, sales engineer, territory sales representative, sales support manager, channel sales manager, territory manager, technical sales, manufacturer representative, pharmaceutical sales, medical sales representative, investment representative, e-business sales manager, IT sales.
Sale Marketing
Marketing Sales
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Communications Resume

To get a firm grounding in the career of ever expanding communications industry one must have a degree in communications related field like public relations, advertising, integrated marketing communications, etc.

Communication Resume
Communication Resume
Below are some career fields in communication.
  • Electronic Media, Radio and TV/Broadcasting
  • Communication Education
  • Public Relations
  • Governments/Politics
  • Journalism
Other related careers in the communications field

For any kind of career, knowledge of communication can be always beneficial. If you decided to acquire communications degree, but don’t plan to purse it as a career. Complete as many communications courses as possible for you so that you can fit into your elective sections.

Communication Jobs
Below are few occupations and career fields in which communications is very important.
  • Education
  • Business
  • High Tech
  • Health Careers
  • Law
  • International Relations and Negotiations
  • Social and Human Services
To purse a career in the above fields, one must require a good resume. Your communications resume should be very impressive because resume is the communication tool for you to get an interview for the communications job. For more information on writing resume to get communications job visit our site

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Science Resume

Science is the study done in the disciplined and preplanned manner covering various aspects in a systemic style elaborately. Each and every thing on the earth seems to be lower grade unless a methodological strategy is applied to make out its importance and use for common man. F you want to apply for the position in the science field you have to make your resume very carefully.

Science Resume
Science Resume
Below are some guidelines to make your science resume effective.
Open a word documents and start writing your resume from the top of it by writing your personal details in the bold font. After completing these entire details move to another subheading called objective, to show your interest in the position in science streamline.

Science Jobs
Science Jobs
Personal summary is another subheading that comes just after the objective. It highlights your research, study and results given in the science field.

Under the experience field mention all your previous and current involvement in study, research or teaching pertaining to the science. Also while doing research in the university if you have achieved some awards, do mention them emphasizing upon the topic.

Science Career
Science Career
After completing experience section write your general education like graduation, post graduation or high school with name of the institute and year of passing.

Then mention all your skills related to the science field. Also if you posses any software skills do mention it.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Legal Resume

Appearing for the legal job is not that much easy. One has to face a large competition in this field. The firms are always flooded with these resumes. So it is always in one’s hand how to make the resume outstanding and unique. It must highlight one’s skills to initiate, implement, and manage all the legal activities.

Legal Resume
Legal Resume

I will provide you best information on writing legal resume but following points must be considered while making the legal resume. We recommend that candidates may also refer to following site containing sample legal resumes for better understanding and implementation of below mentioned tips for drafting your legal resume.
  • Resume appearance must not be too shabby and crowded. Proper font type and size must be used. Normally Times New Roman is used.

  • The content of the resume must not be too long like an essay. It must be short and up to date.

  • The resume can start with the contact information like name, address, contact no. , email address.

  • It may further have the educational qualifications, that is, the law schools attended. It is also good to write the law grades achieved.

  • Then, it is beneficial to write brief experience in legal practices. Give a proper summary of the job description.

  • While writing, one must take care that there are not too many long sentences. Use of short phrases and keywords is a good practice.

  • Last, but not the least, the resume must exclude the grammatical, punctuations mistakes, if any.
Legal Advice
Legal Advice

Monday, August 17, 2009

Accounting Resume

Like a well organized representation of company’s resources and legal responsibilities is a balance sheet, your resume must be a well organized, well written and a clean presentation (not more than 1-2 pages) of your experience and strengths that you are going to use in the accounting job.

Accounting Resume
Accounting Resume
Make a clean and clear heading with your full name, contact address, and contact numbers and email address. Don’t use frilly fonts and borders in your resume. If you have completed C.P.A. then you can write the credential after your name, like "Peter walker, C.P.A."

In the career objective section use a brief phrase to differentiate the accounting job lever for which you are applying, such as "Accounts Payable Clerk", "Controller" or "Full-Charge Bookkeeper."

According to the accounting position, which you seek state your strongest qualifications in brief under the heading “Qualification” or "Summary of Qualifications". Use several bulleted points or a 2-sentence paragraph in response to the language in the job posting.

Rework on your job titles, if suitable, to be relevant to the accounting job you are seeking. Write them in the list format including your last 3-5 accounting positions under the section of "professional Experience".

Accounting Service
Accounting Service
Mention your degrees and education and bring to light relevant course work under the section "Education". If you have completed the C.P.A. and also attained similar important certifications, list them simply and cleanly for all states in which you have earned it and put them under the subheading "certification".

For more information on accounting resume writing, go through the accounting resume section at

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Finance Resume

Finance Resume If you are not informed writing finance resume is easy yet hard. You can have option to go to the professional resume writer to do it for you. These professionals are the experts having broad experience in writing resumes and they will guide you on how to present yourself as a complete marketable package. A well written and well formatted finance resume will take you a step near to your dream job.

Finance Resume
Finance Resume
Finance resume will be helpful for a person who is looking for the career in accounting, banking, investment or corporate finance. Thus your finance resume must express your strong ability to make sound business decisions and ability to analyze situations to drive positive results.

The financial sector is very broad and to get job in the financial sector your resume must focus your soft skills and proficiencies in the finance resume. So before writing the resume gather all this information and review it. Then ask yourself if your resume properly reflects you or what type of professional you are.

Finance Job
Finance Job
An employer in the finance industry seeks a finance professional having the following abilities to do:
  • Utilize well-built analytical skills: Find out problems or concerns and execute proper solutions.
  • Positively impact the bottom line: Drive and control key business initiatives having bottom-line impact.
  • Implement process improvements: Simplify operations while complying with internal procedures and policies.
Visit to get more information on writing finance resume for various jobs in finance sector.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marketing Resume

Few resumes are set to target a particular job position. While writing marketing resume you must need some basic tips in writing professional resume that help you in getting well-paid jobs.

Marketing Jobs
Marketing Resume

Nowadays it has become very easier to get professional resumes online. Also there are various resume writing service providers available who help you in creating your marketing resume and getting your dream job. So a marketing resume will never be a problem again.

Your resume is an advertisement for you and hat allow the potential employer to know you much better. This is somewhat like to express your competencies, qualifications and skills that match with the requirements of an employer.

So if you are applying for the position related to business, marketing or finance, then marketing resume is a tool to attract the potential employer.

Marketing Jobs
Marketing Jobs
So what actually a marketing resume includes? Like other resumes you can easily write a marketing resume with the parts like, objective, profile block, work experiences, education background, and skills and abilities. Just only emphasize on your qualifications and skills related to marketing such as:
  • Strategies in effective marketing
  • Capability to exhibit marketing expertise
  • Customer service abilities
  • Custom relations and rapport build up
  • Management of funds and assets
Get more guidelines on writing marketing resume click here.