Thursday, September 1, 2011

Writing a Dynamic Cover Letter

Many job seekers think that writing a fully fledged resume is only the thing to put impression on recruiter. And if you are one of them, then just pull on your socks now for writing a resume cover letter for your resume. A resume cover letter allows the recruiter to have snap shot of your personality. Resume will surely reflect your personality, but your resume cover letter will summarize your personality. One must have practice to send the resume cover letter along with their resume for online submission of resume or offline submission of resume.
Resume Cover Letter

Resume cover letters are of three types:

1.      Uninvited /application based cover letter: It is used to when you want to respond to job call.
2.      Invited/prospective based cover letter: It is used to have inquiry about the latest job openings.
3.      Networking based cover letter: It is helpful for jobs related search and other inquiries based on same.

While writing any type of cover letter, one must follow following tips:
  • Just include the relevant details in the cover letter. It must be less than 1 page or 1 page at the max.
  • Your resume cover letter must answer two questions: What are the qualities within you match the job position of interest? Why recruiter must recruit you?
  • For answering first question, one must have precise knowledge about the company’s work, their job profile, their work environment, etc. It is necessary because unless one can understand the company’s work, how can you match your qualities for the required position. If you have any reference, then just mention the same. This forms first paragraph of your resume cover letter.
  • For answering the second question, one must highlight all his achievements and certifications. Now that will be bonus point for you. Do not make it too long to read. It must be short and precise. Now, this is second paragraph of your cover letter.
  • Now, last but not least, while ending up the cover letter, one must end it confidently. For example, instead of writing, “I hope to hear from you soon”, one can write, “I am eager to follow up with you in next week.” This reflects confidence within you. Recruiter will create interest within you.
  • In short, as mentioned earlier, cover letter reflects snap shot of your personality. It plays very important role while screening of the resume. A good written resume cover letter can give you a call for job interview.
  • Your resume cover letter must be customized, and must follow the above format. It must speak up attitude within you.
  • If you are submitting hard copy of resume cover letter, use simple font style, font size, page margins, etc. Also, like your resume, resume cover letter must be free from grammatical and spelling mistake.

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