Thursday, September 8, 2011

What is Video Resume

In today’s technology era, everything is revolutionized. Like telephone is replaced by cell phones, cell phones by smart phones etc. Even the employer‘s requirements are changing. Today’s recruiter needs multifunctional job seeker to work with and contribute to company’s success. This multi-functionality within you is reflected by your resume. Your resume has cover letter. That cover letter is snap shot of your personality that is what inspires to take you the job position mentioned, why employer must recruit you? All these brief aspects are mentioned in your cover letter. It can create recruiter’s interest within you. Then comes the resume, which can highlight all skills within you.
Video resume
Video Resume
But as I have mentioned earlier, we are in technology era. Now most recruiters prefer video resume as complementary thing to ordinary resume. Video resume is short video in which you have to speak about your qualifications, strengths, skills you have acquired so far, etc. It means that recruiter after going through your video must land up to certain conclusion.

The craze of video resume is more in management based company wherein job seekers personality has to be judged rather than his/her skills. So in such cases, even a telephonic interview will not help because recruiter can only hear you. In video resume, he can observe you minute details. He can verify your skills whatever you have written on paper, because a person’s face, gestures, postures can speak a lot. He can observe the way you talk and then decide your communication skills. He can observe you dressing and decide your personality. He can keenly see your video and conclude the way you can present yourself and carry yourself.
The following guidelines must be considered while making a video resume:
  • Video must be short and meaningful. It must be for 3-4 minutes.
  • It must highlight your strengths.
  • Keep your video professional only. Don’t add any personal stuff into it.
  • Wear professional clothes.
  • Keep the background for video sober, calm and quiet.
  • Try to project your voice.
  • Speak clearly
  • Mention how you are useful to company.
  • Have cheerfulness while speaking, it must please the recruiter.
  • Don’t speak out irrelevant details.
  • Mention all the things about you that is your name, qualifications, etc very clearly.
Video Resume Sample
Making a video resume is not sufficient. You might have question where to add it. You can simply add it to career networking sites like Career Builder, job monster, etc. Also, one can upload it to their email-id and provide links as and when required.
Also, remember that video resume can’t replace the traditional resumes you are writing. You must always have all these things, a perfect meaningful resume, cover letter for your resume and a short video resume if possible.
Video resume can just help the recruiter to find the truthiness in your resume. He can just verify your skills and personality.


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