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Monday, March 4, 2013

Resume Writing: An Important Pillar in Your Career Growth

Resume Writing Services'Resume', around which the entire job seeking procedure revolves, is an effective job document that must be considered by every aspiring candidate. After being in the industry for a long time, I have learned that this piece of document can significantly change the course of the career. Mind you, a job application without a professionally built resume can put you on serious danger grounds.
I have seen my friends struggling in their employment search due to the prime reason of not been able to compose an impelling resume. They had the best credentials in their pockets; however, due to loss of focus on this most important document, they were not able to grab the vital prospects of their vocations. Talking about my personal experience, this elegant element of the job application has greatly improvised my chances of winning eye-popping interviews.

Career GrowthNow that you are acquainted with the importance of resume in your career, let me highlight the value of resume writing services that aid in giving a professional touch to the resumes. With pleasing costs and affordable packages, these services extend their distinctive skills and help in coming up with a striking resume. Drafting a resume from an old friend of yours is totally different than formulating it from an expert resume building service. Moreover, it is time efficient! The difference was clear when I was able to acquire the salient employment opportunities solely with the help of a resume service, unlike the situation where I use to post my self-written resume which got me no results whatsoever.

So, if you want to be on the winning side, RESUME SERVICE is what you need! Some of the trustable services like ResumePassion, etc., are what you need to establish a cracking impression in the employment market. Don't wait! Enroll yourself now! Happy Career!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Insurance Careers and Job Opportunities

The Indian insurance industry has witnessed a tremendous growth over the last decade. Both the private and public players in the life and non-life insurance sector provide various options for the common people to secure their future by managing risks in a logical way. Apart from this the industry has also created a number of career and job opportunities for the youth of the country. Today thousands of graduates holding degrees in accounting, banking and finance are opting for a career in this field. As there are varied number of posts, job aspirants find a greater number of opportunities based on their skill and eligibility.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Career Guidance for Job Seeker

Career is the person’s long term objective with respect to the work he wishes to pursue for a lifetime.  A person can hold various positions but his ultimate career objective refers to his desired vocation where he wishes to see himself.  In this way, choosing the best alternative in connection with career aspirations needs a systematic and scientific approach to career planning.  Emergence of technology and globalization has created a number of different career opportunities which can be pursued by an individual.  Hence, it is essential to decide about the best possible career option which can be chosen for lifetime.

Career guide, in this way refers to career counseling or career guiding institutions which help you in selection of an appropriate career option.  Such selection is done on a scientific and systematic basis.  They analyze your abilities, talent, aspirations, skills, passion for a particular job and thereby, advise you about the possible career options.  This process will surely help you in making the right choice and hence, it also reduces your head ache of referring to such a vast number of options.  In this way, you get a short list which will help you to analyze such options in depth and thereby, make the best selection.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Favourite HR Interview Question - What Are Your Strengths and Weakness

We all have fear about HR interview only because of such types of questions. Questions seem though simple but one has to answer it positively and cunningly with full confidence. Confidence matters a lot. And HR people have lot many questions that test your confidence. So that is why, it is always said that have a smile on face while answering those questions. Feel relax while answering; just imagine that you are speaking with a person who is eager to know about you. There are ample of HR questions which are being put up in front of job seeker in different ways. Like above is one of the patent questions: tell me about your strength and weakness.

HR Questions
HR Questions

We all know all strengths and weakness very well. When this question is asked some vague answer is given like this:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Favourite HR Interview Question: Speak About Yourself

You all might wonder why these HR interviews are taken. Though they seem simple that technical interview, they aren’t easier than technical interview. Look guys, in technical interview all technical knowledge is tested. There is only one technical answer for one question, isn’t it? But in HR interview, you personality, your communication skills and your confidence is tested. So after writing your professional resume by referring resumes samples online, your task is not over, you have to proceed by preparing for group discussions, technical interviews and HR interview.
Interview Questions
             HR interview is taken so that interviewer can judge about your personality, how can you tackle situations, how can you manage difficulties and so on. Now, let’s assume that your HR interview is started. Favourite HR question we all know: Tell me something about yourself.  Check out the below tips for facing this question:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Things Not to Be Included In Your Resume

We are back with the ‘Not to be included information in your resume’. Till date we have discussed 20 things that one should never include in his/her resume. As we said there are 25 things that we must never include in the resume. Today, we would discuss the last five things that one must exclude from the resume. For the first 20 things, you can refer to our previous posts on 25 things that we must never include in the resume.
Resume Writing Mistake
Resume Writing Mistake
21. Criminal Record:
If you have had any kind of complaints filed against you, or were a part of even a very minor crime, never make the mistake of mentioning the same in your resume. It is good to be honest, but only when you are face-to-face with the person. You get a chance to justify yourself, and not let prejudices to be built up for you.

Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Things Not to Be Included in Your Resume – Continued

We are back with the next list of things that you should never include in your resume from turning it to a blunder. We have discussed 15 things, which should be excluded from a good resume. We would now move on and discuss another 5 important things, which need to be kept out of your resume to make it a perfect resume.
Resume Mistake
Resume Mistake
Things to be excluded from your resume: