Tuesday, November 29, 2011

25 Things Not to Be Included in Your Resume Part-1

While writing a resume, you look for resume samples, tips for resumes, and refer to articles that give you information on what should be included in your resume. However, if you know why certain things should be excluded from your resume, or what reduces its effectiveness, then this concept will be clearer. It will help you understand the importance of excluding some things from your resume. Unless you are clear with it, you might knowingly or unknowingly include some of it in your resume. Thus, today we would discuss on the same. 
Resume Tips
What should not be included in your resume?

1. Your dislikes about your last job, employer, colleagues, work environment:
You might hate your last job, your boss, etc.; however, you should let this reflect in your resume or resume cover letter in any situation. This might lead to the opinion that you are a pessimistic person, or you do not adapt to situations easily.
2. Irrelevant job experience details:
To make your resume more effective ‘RELEVANCY’ is utmost important. This is the reason that you are advised to customize your resume for every job that you apply, such that no irrelevant data reaches the employer.
3. Sexual Preference:
You still believe that only men can do certain jobs and women cannot, grow up. Such discrimination and reflecting the same through your resume will pose you as a person who still discriminates between the gender. Do not underestimate the other gender by putting forth points that make your application gender specific. Moreover, if you are a male and the recruiter is a female, she will definitely not like this discrimination.
4. Religion:
Why Resume RejectReligion is a very sensitive topic and thus should be kept away from your resume and your career. Americans, especially consider it a taboo to speak about the religion in the resume. At the end your talent matters, and not your religion, so why speak about it.
5. Pseudo details:
Giving fake information about work experience or qualifications will not only put you in trouble for one job, but might hamper your entire career in the long term. If you are caught faking with such information, the employer’s association might black list you.

Know what you should not do to avoid doing the same. This is not the end. Keep reading to know more on what you should not include in your resume.
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