Monday, November 21, 2011

Tips for Cracking Group Discussion

Group discussion is one of the techniques used by the recruiters to judge the job seekers. Today, as per the market competition, if the recruiter has to choose amongst these 2 persons: A job seeker with average marks and good personality and a job seeker with good marks and average personality. So surely recruiter will choose the person with good personality. Today, having good personality has become essential due to rapid industrial growth. Good personality means good communication skills, ability to talk with people, ability to handle people efficiently and also good professional dressing sense. So during the initial screening process, recruiter judges the personality of job seeker by seeing his performance in group discussion. He observes each and every minute thing about the speaker, the way he speaks, the way he puts up his opinions, the way he criticizes others opinions. Group discussion is the good way to check whether the job seeker is good listener or not.

Group Discussion

So here are some of the career guidelines to crack group discussion successfully:

  • One must possess knowledge about day to day life, what's happening in economic market, what is going in the social and political life. So one has to be good reader of newspaper and good listener of news.
  • Before group discussion starts, 5-10 minutes are given to think about the topic. So be clear about your opinion and be firm on that. Don't change your opinions on what others say. Write the keywords about the points you want to speak out.
  • Look at speaker and not the judge. First listen completely to speaker's opinion and then speak.
  • Project your voice properly. It must reflect inbuilt confidence amongst you.
  • Quality matters rather than loudness or quantity. Everyone is under wrong understanding that recruiter is impressed only when you speak out ample of content. It is not like that, even if you put up your strong point that's enough to win impression of recruiter. The way you put your point is important and not on how many points you put up.
  • Look into the eyes of speaker. It is sign of good concentration.
Business Meeting
So group discussion can be cracked only by practice and knowledge update. Remember group discussion stage can be reached only if you have good strong professional resume, and such resumes can be made easily by referring to sample resumes on various category available online. Resume just pave path towards group discussion, a new opportunity. Also get more examples of a cover letter.


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