Thursday, February 2, 2012

Career Guidance for Job Seeker

Career is the person’s long term objective with respect to the work he wishes to pursue for a lifetime.  A person can hold various positions but his ultimate career objective refers to his desired vocation where he wishes to see himself.  In this way, choosing the best alternative in connection with career aspirations needs a systematic and scientific approach to career planning.  Emergence of technology and globalization has created a number of different career opportunities which can be pursued by an individual.  Hence, it is essential to decide about the best possible career option which can be chosen for lifetime.

Career guide, in this way refers to career counseling or career guiding institutions which help you in selection of an appropriate career option.  Such selection is done on a scientific and systematic basis.  They analyze your abilities, talent, aspirations, skills, passion for a particular job and thereby, advise you about the possible career options.  This process will surely help you in making the right choice and hence, it also reduces your head ache of referring to such a vast number of options.  In this way, you get a short list which will help you to analyze such options in depth and thereby, make the best selection.

Importance of Career Guide:
  • It helps in planning your lifetime work and positions to be held
  • It leads to a systematic approach which will reduce your efforts and you can maximize the chances of obtaining the best suitable option for you
  • It reduces your job search and establishes a link between your academics, training courses.  In this way, you can focus on your course completion which needs to accomplished with respect to the given career objective
  • It helps to set the targets with respect to accomplishment career objective and be focused about your goal
  • It guides you to the proper direction and helps in planning your lifework

Thus, it is a highly essential and relevant exercise to plan your career systematically with the help of career guide.

Career planning :
It involves a sequential assessment of various elements or opportunities.  This process involves the following steps.
  • Self assessment: Based on your skills, values, potential, and interest in the field, enlist the various career options you are interested in.
  • Enumerating the alternative opportunities: List the different career objectives based on your skills and expertise which have excellent growth prospects.  Such list would offer you the emerging and growing career options.  Combine the two lists.
  • Short listing the possible career options: By creating a link between your skills and listed options, try to lessen the number of choices available with you.  It will reduce the number of options.
  • Analyzing the short listed options with respect to pros and cons: You can analyze the remaining alternatives in depth with constraints which will further reduce the list of choices.
  • Choosing the best objective based on research: Make a proper selection considering all the relevant aspects and your interest in the particular field.

Thus, such a process will lead to rational selection of the best career objective, which would lead to planning and systematic accomplishment of the set objective.  In this manner, career guide facilitates career planning and gives direction to your efforts with respect to your vocation.


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