Friday, January 6, 2012

Favourite HR Interview Question - What Are Your Strengths and Weakness

We all have fear about HR interview only because of such types of questions. Questions seem though simple but one has to answer it positively and cunningly with full confidence. Confidence matters a lot. And HR people have lot many questions that test your confidence. So that is why, it is always said that have a smile on face while answering those questions. Feel relax while answering; just imagine that you are speaking with a person who is eager to know about you. There are ample of HR questions which are being put up in front of job seeker in different ways. Like above is one of the patent questions: tell me about your strength and weakness.

HR Questions
HR Questions

We all know all strengths and weakness very well. When this question is asked some vague answer is given like this:

My strengths are:
·         Sincerity
·         Hardworking
·         Punctual
·         Co-operative
·         Risk taking ability and so on.
My weaknesses are:
·         Can’t adapt changes easily.
·         Can’t work continuously
·         Ability to dominate others
·         Less patience

      I am telling you seriously guys, such vague answers are given. Now tell me, which recruiter will feel to hire you and for what he must hire you. According to above strengths like sincerity, hardworking, etc; these are default qualities which are expected by any employer. You don’t have to mention it. Recruiter is assuming that you are having it and that is why today you are in front of him. So don’t ever mention such vague strengths. While mentioning your weaknesses don’t do it all of sudden frankly. Recruiter is not your friend or relative that you are committing to him frankly. Disguise one of your strength as weakness. It means that you use one of your strength as weakness.

Now, did you get how you must not answer this question? I am providing you below the proper way and sample answer of how to answer this question. While answering this question, remember to relate your achievements with strengths.

 Sample answer for answering strengths:

My innovativeness helped me publish two technical papers in National conference. My sincerity, dedication and hard work made me have good consistent academic record. My ability to handle terrifying situations made me to handle my team leader position efficiently.  (See here how you are relating your achievements, some section of experience with strengths. Now, this is not the ideal answer. But I have shown you the way of how to answer it. When you answer in this way, you prove that you possess those things because you are correlating with something that is already present in your resume.)

Sample answer for answering weaknesses:

If there is certain thing that is very tough, I may over work on it till I get the solution without keeping pace with others. (See here, what you have done is you have encapsulated you strength into weakness. Your strength is that you can work very hard. But you kept the same thing in front of recruiter in other way.)

Moreover, before going to HR interview, you must sit silently and try to recognize your strengths and weaknesses wisely. Be prepared for such answers.


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