Thursday, December 22, 2011

Favourite HR Interview Question: Speak About Yourself

You all might wonder why these HR interviews are taken. Though they seem simple that technical interview, they aren’t easier than technical interview. Look guys, in technical interview all technical knowledge is tested. There is only one technical answer for one question, isn’t it? But in HR interview, you personality, your communication skills and your confidence is tested. So after writing your professional resume by referring resumes samples online, your task is not over, you have to proceed by preparing for group discussions, technical interviews and HR interview.
Interview Questions
             HR interview is taken so that interviewer can judge about your personality, how can you tackle situations, how can you manage difficulties and so on. Now, let’s assume that your HR interview is started. Favourite HR question we all know: Tell me something about yourself.  Check out the below tips for facing this question:
  • What is the question? Tell me something about yourself. So job seeker must concentrate on himself. Think yourself as product to be marketed and accordingly speak out.
  • Before going to HR interview identify major strengths within you so that you can speak them out.
  • Don’t go telling your life history. Speak the things relevant to recruiter only.
  • Don’t go into many details about the family background.
  • It is good practice to start with “I am so and so” rather than “Myself so and so”.
  • Remember you have only one minute minimum to answer this question, so job seeker must cleverly include all the details about his/her education, past experience, achievements and skills

Here is the sample answer for this question. Consider a scenario that job seeker is from software engineering field. Job seeker is fresher. Look the sample answer: “I am Paul Peterson born and brought up in Florida. I had good consistent academic record during my high school days and graduation. But I was very fond of playing computer games, knowing about the computer hardware. Because of this interest, I decided to enhance my programming knowledge. So I completed by Programming course in JAVA from renowned institute and secured SUN certification before my graduation. Now that helped me out for doing internship in ABC Software Company, well renowned company for JAVA. Because of my hard work and sincerity, I managed to get my final year project sponsored from there.  My project was based on innovative idea to develop protocol for multiprocessor communication. This innovative project idea helped me out to write technical research paper that was published in National conference at Colombo, 2011. So at present, I am well equipped with technical knowledge about programming and I aim to design and innovate many things as I have done before.”
Interview Tip
Look at the answer carefully. Each and everything is put down cleverly. No need to speak out the accurate grades because those numerical figures are written on your resume. All these are told in flow. Major things like internship, courses done, certifications achieved are being covered. So in short, you are reflecting your resume.


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