Friday, August 28, 2009

Business Resume

Business resume is altogether different than that of the normal resume. Business resumes are nothing but it is the profile of the company. It is present in the market. The businessman prepares it very efficiently. Basically, the job listing contains the profile of the company. This profile is the business resume.

Business Resume
Business Resume
There are three types of resumes. They are:
  • Chronological Resume
  • Functional Resume
  • Combinational Resume
Most of the resumes fall in the category of chronological resume because it highlights career, education, skills and knowledge.

Business career
Business Career
Irrespective of the type of resume, here are the some points how a normal resume can be prepared. They are:
  • The resume must be in standard format. The page layout and the setup must be enough accurate.
  • The resume must not have the grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes.
  • Use of the headings, keywords and paragraphs must be made.
  • The resume must be on the same paper on which there is the cover letter.
  • There must be sufficient space left so that the recruiters can write the remarks.
  • Writing the irrelevant information must be avoided.
  • Brief summary of the job objective and the career goals must be written.
  • Information written must be accurate enough.
  • Use of action verbs enhances the quality if the resume.
  • More stress must be given on the skills and the area of expertise.


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