Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Legal Resume

Appearing for the legal job is not that much easy. One has to face a large competition in this field. The firms are always flooded with these resumes. So it is always in one’s hand how to make the resume outstanding and unique. It must highlight one’s skills to initiate, implement, and manage all the legal activities.

Legal Resume
Legal Resume

I will provide you best information on writing legal resume but following points must be considered while making the legal resume. We recommend that candidates may also refer to following site legalresumes.org containing sample legal resumes for better understanding and implementation of below mentioned tips for drafting your legal resume.
  • Resume appearance must not be too shabby and crowded. Proper font type and size must be used. Normally Times New Roman is used.

  • The content of the resume must not be too long like an essay. It must be short and up to date.

  • The resume can start with the contact information like name, address, contact no. , email address.

  • It may further have the educational qualifications, that is, the law schools attended. It is also good to write the law grades achieved.

  • Then, it is beneficial to write brief experience in legal practices. Give a proper summary of the job description.

  • While writing, one must take care that there are not too many long sentences. Use of short phrases and keywords is a good practice.

  • Last, but not the least, the resume must exclude the grammatical, punctuations mistakes, if any.
Legal Advice
Legal Advice


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