Monday, August 31, 2009

Special Situations Resume

The section of special situations examines areas of resume writing that are so difficult. The aim is to offer you suggestions, ideas and advice on how to handle these special issues.

Many employers give preference to the candidate who has work experience in a company similar to theirs or whose expertise and experience are in the same industry. It is not impossible to enter a new career of new industry; it just needs planning, researching and determination.

Special Situation Resume
Special Situations
The first thing you have to do is to identify the skills that can be moved to the new industry, company, or field. Then you have to find out an employer in the new industry who is looking for someone of your skills, accomplishments and qualifications. If the interviews are going in your area where he is looking for the specific skills that you have then the employer will be less hesitant to call you for the interview, though you don’t have previous experience working in similar company.

After identifying the specific employer research the company and learn what type of employees they hire, company financial pictures, work environment characteristics, and general culture/company information. To the certain amount if this information is similar to your work experiences, it can be blended into your accomplishment and employment history statements.

To write special situations resume choose reverse chronological format provided at This format is useful when you are applying for job that requires different skills than what you have.


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