Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Medical Resume

Writing a medical resume is simple. The basic structure of the resume remains the same for all types of the professionals in the medical field. Only the attributes of the expertise and experience changes according to type of the medical field. The area of medical fields includes the therapists, medical or health care practitioners, dietitians, radiographers and laboratory scientists. The resume for all these people will be same expect some of the attributes.

Medical Resume
Medical Resume
The format of the medical resume is as follows:
  • It must have the proper job objective followed by the personal information like name, contact no, address, email-address, etc
  • The next section of the information is the EXPERIENCE. So, here you can write your past experience. Mention when, where and which medical practices were done by you. If you are a fresher, then write any of the medical courses regarding the health care were completed by you during education.
  • The experience must be followed with the QUALIFICATION. The educational details must be written with the academic grades achieved, name of the institution and the location. It must conclude that you are well qualified practitioner.
  • One can include the section of the ACHIEVEMENTS during practice. It shows how productive and multi functional you are.
  • There are many medical camps conducted every year. One can show his participation in such medical camp if really done. One can also include the contribution to the social medical activities in the rural areas.
  • After that, you can write the accurate REFERENCES if any. Writing references is handy. It depends upon us whether to write or omit it.
Medical Career Jobs
Medical Job Career
Also check out samples of nurse resume on www.nurseresume.org.


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