Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Things Not to Be Included in Your Resume Part- 3

We are back with the ‘Not to Do’ list for your resume. As we discussed earlier, in these series of blogs we are focusing on what should not be included in one’s resume. We have discussed ten things that should never be included in your resume. let us move on and discuss 5 more things for the day.
Things not Include in Resume
Info not Include in Resume
 11. Grammatical errors:
If you are not good at it, accept it. Do not ever send a resume across, with grammatical errors and spelling errors. It directly creates a negative impression about your education, communication skills, and also poses you as a lazy person, who does not bother to read his/her resume before sending it. Do check your resume for the same, and take some expert opinion, if necessary.

12. Hobbies:
How will the employer benefit if you are good at cooking or bungee jumping? Then what is the point in including the same in your resume? If you have any hobbies that relate to your work or you think would prove beneficial to your work, mention it or else exclude the same from your resume.

13. Social Security Number:
Give your personal details like contact number, address, etc., but do not mention your Social Security Number on the resume. It could reach anyone, and could be misused.

14. Photograph:
Photographs should not be included unless asked for. Usually jobs like receptionist, flight steward, air hostess, etc., focus on physical appearance, and thus one needs to send a photograph with the resume. Otherwise, do not send it.

Resume Questions
Resume Questions
15. Physical Characteristics:
Again, information on physical characteristics like height, weight, biceps, etc., is used only for jobs like security guards, air hostess, etc. These jobs focus immensely on physical appearance, and thus these details have to be mentioned in the resume. In other cases, it does not matter, and thus, should never be included. 

 These are few mistakes that people make while drafting a resume. Make sure you do not do the same. We would come back with some more information on what should not be included in your resume, to help you make your resume perfect.
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