Friday, December 9, 2011

25 Things Not to Be Included in Your Resume – Continued

We are back with the next list of things that you should never include in your resume from turning it to a blunder. We have discussed 15 things, which should be excluded from a good resume. We would now move on and discuss another 5 important things, which need to be kept out of your resume to make it a perfect resume.
Resume Mistake
Resume Mistake
Things to be excluded from your resume:

16. Health Issues:
You do not need to mention and health related issues in your resume. Some jobs require a medical clearance and only in those cases you need to speak about your health. In other cases, if you feel that you can do your job well, and your doctor also gives you a clean chit, then your employer does not have any right to ask you about the same.

17. Family Background:
Your father’s vocation or your mother’s education will not affect your job. Your capabilities and skills will decide your career. Your father might be a billionaire, or he might be a normal security guard, how does it affect your job? Thus, do not mention the same in your resume.

18. Boring words:
The employer, in almost every resume reads – 'I am a dedicated and hard working employee.' Please think of something different. Using action verbs in your resume make it more impressive.

19. Pessimistic opinions:
Your resume should in any way not reflect pessimism. If you do not have many positive points to include in your resume, do not mention the negative points. Try to dilute the weaknesses, for example, if you are not good at leadership, mention 'I am at my best when I work in groups.' This statement will highlight your strength and hide your weakness.

20. Blanket Statements:
These are statements that the employer uses for analysis. Employers at times ask you to provide your salary expectation. If you provide a fixed figure, it might take away the opportunity from you, because you do not know the extent to which the salaries are negotiable in the organization. Thus, keep your options open, and do not let such blanket statements create hurdles in your way.

Avoid these statements to make your resume more powerful and effective.
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