Wednesday, December 14, 2011

25 Things Not to Be Included In Your Resume

We are back with the ‘Not to be included information in your resume’. Till date we have discussed 20 things that one should never include in his/her resume. As we said there are 25 things that we must never include in the resume. Today, we would discuss the last five things that one must exclude from the resume. For the first 20 things, you can refer to our previous posts on 25 things that we must never include in the resume.
Resume Writing Mistake
Resume Writing Mistake
21. Criminal Record:
If you have had any kind of complaints filed against you, or were a part of even a very minor crime, never make the mistake of mentioning the same in your resume. It is good to be honest, but only when you are face-to-face with the person. You get a chance to justify yourself, and not let prejudices to be built up for you.

22. Prejudices:
Do not state any racist comments, prejudices, harsh, or even favoring views for that matter, for any group, religion, organization, etc. This would put forth your image of a person who cannot get along well with others.

23. Messy or Confusing format:
A resume not formatted correctly cannot be excused. With computer programs making formatting so simple, one cannot just let go the messy format of the resume. If you are not good at it, you can always take someone’s help, but do not send such a messed up resume to the employer, and expect a call from him.

24. Low GPA’s:
GPA is not a question for experienced candidates. Candidates, who have recently passed out, and are looking for their first job, would be judged based on the GPA. Otherwise one does not need to mention the same in the resume. If you have low GPA’s, try mentioning the Grade.

25. Sarcasm:
Sarcasm might be good while talking to friends or colleagues; however, it is not advisable while using the same in formal communication. If the recruiter does not understand your sarcastic statement, you might end up creating a negative image of yourself. Keep sarcasm and irony out from your resume and cover letter. I would advise, keep it out from your interview as well.
Now that you know what should not go into a resume, we are sure that you would never go wrong with your resume, and get the best job that you always deserved. Go ahead, and write an effective resume. Draft a resume that would force the employer to chase you, and not you chasing the employers.


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